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Digimoto is a digital marketing toolkit that makes it easy to publish targeted content for your social media marketing, newsletters and email campaigns.

Social media

Create, schedule and publish content to multiple social media platforms with one click. With our integrated URL shortener you can post directly from your favorite blogs and websites with call-to-action links. The built-in image editor lets you edit images before posting.


You send emails and newsletters to your target groups and get reports on engagement. Messages can be created in advance and scheduled according to your strategy. Build and use your own templates for your newsletters. Collect mailing lists from different platforms.


Digimoto has a built in reporting system on individual posts, emails and embedded links, to easily check the engagement for any given post. Also easy to read analytics where you can determine the most effective/engaging posts during a specified time period, which was the most effective for your posts or check audience growth over time. Digimoto provides you with basic to in-depth analytics including interfaces to Google Analytics directly from your Digimoto login.

Mobile app

Digimoto mobile app helps you to implement your loyalty programs. You can schedule and post specials, events, sales and other client loyalty offers directly to your Opt-in customers, with start and stop dates specified, so that the post will only be viewable during the specified dates.

RSS feeds

Create easily your own library of relevant RSS feeds. Connect a smooth way to the news sites and blogs you want to use. RSS is a technology that allows a user to subscribe to web feeds, ieimmediately notified when something new is published on the Web, along with a few lines that summarizes the publication and contains a link with the full text.


If you don’t have the time or capacity to operate the Digimoto tool, there is also Digimoto Services. Decide which Digital Marketing Presence you want, brief Digimoto with relevant material and messages, and choose between the three different service levels; ATTENTION, DESIRE or ACTION. Digimoto then implements your digital activities, with the pace and regularity you have requested. Digimoto also provides consultancy services within Marketing, Communication, Media, Research and Analysis. Just contact us.

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