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E-mail marketing

June 11, 2016
E-mail marketing

1. E-mail Lists:

Build up your own email list(s).  Having emails for your clients helps to determine how many ‘interested’ clients you can reach. Use your website and your physical location(s) to collect emails. Create opt-in/opt-out options for specials and newsletters.

2. E-mail Marketing:

E-mail marketing is the most effective marketing for the money spent. Studies done in the US show a pay back of 40 USD for every dollar invested.

Gather emails from your customers and keep them informed of sales, events, special offers and other attractions for your business and related products or services. Send out targeted emails, general newsletters and useful information to your existing and potential client base.

3. Less is More:

When email marketing and sending newsletters, it is important to remember that you do not want to upset your best clients with too many emails. Consistent and informative, but not intrusive is the key to keeping clients engaged. Sending emails is not the same as posting on a social media site. No matter how many great offers you have, daily emails will have your clients deleting them without opening them.

4. Newsletters:

Newsletters should be informative and consistent. You can add advertisements, discounts and specials, but the main focus of a newsletter should be news and information to keep the client interested. It does not need to only contain your own content, but could include industry or product related materials. Consistency is not the same as frequency. You do not have to send out a newsletter often, but it should be consistent and not erratic.  If you send out a newsletter weekly, monthly, quarterly or even annually, the main point is to be consistent.  You want your loyal clients to look forward to it and expect it.

5. Mobile adaption

Everything should be mobile adapted. In today’s social network, the majority of interaction and reading/viewing of social media is done by using mobile devices, smart phones and tablets. Almost half of all newsletters are read on a mobile device. Ensure that your content is mobile adaptable and can easily been read on a mobile device.