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Imagine only 10 – 20 years ago, NONE of this even existed!

March 29, 2017
Imagine only 10 – 20 years ago, NONE of this even existed!

In 1994 I was involved in a small company in a basement in Stockholm, where we created, produced and sold “computer education videos” (VHS/VCR). And this particular year we co-operated with Microsoft and the Modem-selling agent Dennis Bergström AB, preparing the big launch of Windows-95, the time when the @-symbol and the Internet were just about to enter our lives!

Yes, you people born in the 1980’s and later, there was a time when Internet, smartphones and social media didn’t exist. And yes, the computers at that time didn’t have built-in modems as standard, but a small little black box with lots of cables next to it, which was the external modem! It gave away a consistent horrible sound suggesting that it was about to crash any second, and when you called the support line, they would typically ask you to put your fixed phone handle towards it, so that they could hear it, and then explaining that “it works perfectly well” and that “it is suppose to sound like an old fashion radio dropped from the 6th floor into the asphalt”. (?)Digital marketing starter

Our small, and fairly successful company would probably have been called a “Start-up” today,
but not even that expression existed in those days, either than as a possible brand name for some “Motor Starter-Gas Spray” perhaps :) 

What on earth did we do before?

Looking at this visual here below, it’s staggering to see how “Digital” the society and the world of media have become lately! And it is amazing to realize how “productive” we are and how much it must have impacted our behavior and way of living?

But then, the next and perhaps even more interesting question arises; what on earth did we use to spend our time doing before? It (our time) must been have taken out from some other activities, right? We still have the 24h/day and 7day/week system..... 

Please just look at this visual here below and reflect a little 

So, perhaps every piece of this pie-chart had its equivalent phenomena also 10 - 20 years ago, but it was just so much more limited, slower, smaller etc.? Still, it becomes totally ungraspable when you think about it – All this in every minute, day after day and all over the world!

What consequences will such enormous information overload, communication bonanza and relationship promotion-booster bring to us human beings? What are the OPPURTUNITIES? And what are the THREATS? For Society and Human Beings? For Governments and Authorities? For Military and Security? For Banks and the Police? For Companies and Consumers?

Whether we like it or not – Get Digital & Get used to it!