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January 26, 2017
Personal Branding

LOVE ME! (Goddamn it)

There have been multiple articles and books written on "Personal Branding" during the last decades, and for some reason they seem to have increased in numbers lately? Perhaps it would be easy to explain it with the digitization and the spread of Internet and Smartphones, but that might be a wrong and too shallow analysis?

"A Brand" is the total reputation of a product, company, organization, person or phenomena, as others perceive it. It means that the same "Brand" can mean totally different things to different people. When companies, journalists and even lawyers (?) claim companies owning "Brands", they really refer to "registered Trademarks". These are often protected by registered "words" and/or "figurative"/"visual elements". But the "Brands" only exist in the minds of the consumers/people! What companies normally do is that they are striving for an as clear and similar Brand Position as possible, in as many people's minds as possible. That is, what they spontaneously say and think about a brand.


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