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October 21, 2016
Company website

A company website is an important tool for your business, of course, there is no doubt. Many companies underestimate the importance of the website for marketing and this mistake you should not do. A website is important for both - digital and offline marketing.

Surely, website address on your promo materials, advertisement, business cards and social media profiles is must have, but value for digital marketing is even more vital.

In digital media just one click brings your customers to the place when you are defining content, can set up goals and make a conversion from the social media visitor to achieving your goal, which is sales, registration or something else that you might try to achieve with your campaigns.

I am highlighting most important attributes of your website which will help your campaigns to bring more success and cost efficiency.


The content of your website, blog and social media profile is your main way to communicate with your target audience. Create a website that surprises the client by focusing on them. Avoid talking about yourself, your company and your history.  Publish relevant materials that the visitors would be interested in for themselves. 

That's why it is important to know who is your potential customer and what is the best way for them to understand your content and become loyal to your brand. The quality of the content should be definitely high and use proper language, to be professional but simple enough.

Types of content should vary, every blog post, same as social media posts, should be illustrated with graphical materials and also contain videos, be linked to the source and more detailed info. This variety will motivate your visitors to become more interested in the content and understand your high expertise in the field of knowledge. 

Call to action

The content is important but your website will achieve goals more if it contains simple calls to actions and enrollment process is simplified. For example, if you are selling via the website then purchase button has to be easily visible and purchase options should be well planned while planning your website UI/UX (user interface / user experience).

If you expect visitors to register - the registration form should be as simple as possible to do not scare away users, you could request more information when users will already login. For blog posts, it is important to have buttons to share content on the social media.
The concept of simplification of the most important action elements of the website is called "big blue button" concept.


Search engine optimization became vital since digital world appeared. There is a lot of advanced reading and training about that but I will briefly go through the basics.

When you know your target audience it is important to define keywords that your visitors will use to get to your website - pay attention not only to the main keywords that attract a lot of traffic but are super popular. More precise and less popular keywords might bring your website to the success faster, for example, if you have a cheese store, choosing the keyword "cheese store" might cost too much for your business during campaigns. Choosing "cheese store Stockholm" or even "cheese store Karlaplan" would be much more efficient.
Keywords should be the semantic root of your website content, meaning that they have to be used often.

An important detail for your website is tags that are used in the code containing a title of the page, description, keywords, favicon, and photo. All of these items are really important and used by search engines to understand the website before the rest of the content is analyzed. When you post the link to one of the pages of your website, for example, blog post - social media are fetching title, description, and photo from tags. If these tags are not defined then social media will fetch the first image on the page and the first text - it could be quite random and not reflect your business.


The marketing plan of the business should definitely include a solid part for the website. Same with the planning of your digital media strategy - your posts will look professional if they contain the interesting headline, matching image and a link to the more detailed article.

Another important topic is to analyze conversion of traffic, sources of traffic and to do not forget to use as many channels as possible. The website is your primary channel and also the best place for content since you fully control how you give it to your visitors.

I wish you a very success in the marketing campaign!


Author: Maxim Moneta / CTO at Digimoto and CEO at IT /